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Birch Design License Agreement

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Birch Design Royalty Free End User License Agreement

Copyright of each image is owned by the artist by whom it was created. Digital rights are held by Birch Design Studios. By using the images the Purchaser agrees to adhere to the following terms:

1. Birch Design Studios grants the Purchaser a personal, non transferable, non exclusive right to use the Digital Content.

2. Purchaser agrees not to resell the images or to make the Digital Content available for purchase, distribution or download.

3. Purchaser may use the Digital Content to produce marketing materials, products, or for any use that is neither pornographic or defamatory in any way.

4. When using the images for packaging, advertising or products for resale, credit may be assigned to the Artist and/or Birch Design Studios. (ie: Illustration: Kari Lehr or Kari Lehr, Birch Design Studios)

5. Purchaser agrees to use the images as provided or with minor changes. Minor changes are considered changes in scale, color, density, cropping and using images in montages.

6. Any other changes are considered major changes and are disallowed. Major changes are unauthorized derivative works and are infringements on the moral rights of the artist. Major changes are prohibited unless expressly allowed by Birch Design Studios or the Artist.