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Illusttank License Agreement

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Illust Tank International Royalty Free End User License Agreement

Images identified in the Multi-Web collection should be used for Web design and Multimedia uses only.
1. Copyright
All rights of the images in the Multi-Web collection shall be owned by Illust Tank International Inc. (and/or its License)
2. Usage
1) THe image may be used for
a) Internet webpage design, multimedia resource, presentation background image, promotional CD title design (includeing packaging)
b) personal internal company and test or sample use, including comps (i.e. rough drafts or layouts for client review).
2) The image may not be used for
a) Any printed materials (i.e. advertising and promotional materials on T.V., newspaper, magazine, catalog and poster)
b) Any promotional or commercial sign, indoor and outdoor ad.

If you are unsure of your usage rights under this license agreement or wish to use the image for commercial or promotional printed materials, Please contact Illust Tank International Inc. at +82-2-338-3138(phone) or +82-2-322-9326(fax)