What to do if you have been hit by an Uber Driver?

What to do if you have been hit by an Uber Driver?

What occurs if you get into a collision for somebody who is driving for UBER? Who can make your compensation against or will any insurance provider come into play?

UBER is relatively new taxi service that competes with other car services in many cities. UBER is same as several car services in that they don’t own, control or operate their cars, and don’t hire their drivers. Rather their car driver contacts with them to pick up passengers on behalf of providers.

Unlike taxis, passengers can’t hail Uber drivers on the street. Rather passengers download the app to their mobile and arrange for a driver via the app. Cost for the ride can vary, a few rides can be cheaper than usual taxi, and many rides can be costly than usual taxi. So, what to do if you’ve been hit by a UBER?

Who’s liable if you hit by an UBER?

As in every car accident, every person bringing the claim must be capable to prove 2 things in order to claim: liability and damage. If you were hit by an UBER car, you must be capable to prove that somebody was negligent in order to win the case.

The first defendant will course be the UBER driver. Your simple legal case will be against that driver, and it’d proceed just like any accident claim. You’d find out who the car insurer or driver is, and then make claim with the insurer.

Call the police

You’d call the police from the accident spot. Several states have a rule requiring the police to be informed if a collision reasons bodily wound or more than small property damage, but, in an accident with UBER driver, you’ll generally wish the accident to be officially recorded rapidly. Insist that every driver around stay there until the police arrived.

Gathering Evidence

The primary thing you’d do after any car collision is getting the contact details and names of all of the witnesses of the collision.

The second thing that you’d do is take images rapidly. If you’ve a cam or a camera mobile, take as several images of the accident site and the vehicles involved in the collision as you can, from as several angles as you can, before you leave the spot.

If you don’t have a cam or are not physically stable to take any image after an accident, ask if anybody else has a camera and is willing to mail you the images. Otherwise, have a family member or friend take images as-soon-as-possible.

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